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In The Crowd

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sound effects

I finally saw Revenge Of The Sith today, I was deteremined that if I was going to see it at all I would do it right and this was the first DLP show I could get to that wasn't sold out. I'm pleased to say that it was slightly better than I expected.

What really struck me though was coming out of the theater and feeling like I was still in the movie. This went beyond the usual dream-like state I emerge from a theater in, and I realized suddenly that it was the sounds. I'm convinced now that the employees at ILM go around San Francisco with tape recorders finding appropriate sounds for their movies. The sound of the BART train coming down the tunnel? Exactly the same as a booster rocket on a starship. The overhead arm of the electric MUNI bus passing by a connecting line and throwing sparks? Exactly the same as the sound of lightsabers clashing. The engine of same bus revving from a stop into first gear? Every elevator in the Empire.

I'm on to you, boys.


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