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In The Crowd

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Movie night

At least, it was night when I got out. I finally saw Sin City, which I've been both looking forward to and dreading for a while. Looking forward to, because I love Frank Miller and I'd heard good things about it. Dreading because, well, I love Frank Miller. But it was just like the graphic novels as it was intended to be, and it didn't seem rushed despite using up all the plotlines in one film. Only Brittany Murphy and Benicio Del Toro were a little disappointing, but I can handle that. Now if they can just avoid making a sequel that'll be great. And if the greedy bastards try to lay a hand on Dark Knight Returns I'll slice their fingers off.

On the way in, the 19 year old taking my ticket moved very slowly. His eyes were fixed on a point above my left breast, and it took him a full 30 seconds to tear the stub and direct me to the theater. As I turned away, he called out "that's the old NASA logo on your shirt. I mean, the original one." You know, ordinarily I try to go incognito and blend in with my surroundings. But every once in a while you've got to just announce your affiliation loud and clear, so that your people can recognize their own. By the way, if anyone finds my Rebel Alliance pin could you please return it to me? Thanks.


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