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In The Crowd

Thursday, March 03, 2005

On foot

I've been really enjoying seeing the city as a pedestrian, I just notice so many more things than I would otherwise. I love to go for long walks anyway, and I really missed it during the years I was commuting. Now, in addition to indulging my favorite guilty pleasure of peeking into other people's living rooms (you subscribe to decorating magazines, I go for walks at dusk. No judgements here, people) I'm finding out about all sorts of places that I'd fly right by otherwise.

For example, I walked past the John O'Connell High School of Technology the other day. Yes, it's a public school, and it's not even the only tech-centric public high school in the city, there's also the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. That's in addition to the arts magnet schools and the environmental science charter school. It's a good example of how the tech industry in this city has been embraced, and of the commitment to education here. One of my roommates is currently getting his certification to teach art at the high school level, and his focus is computer graphics. He's pretty confident he'll have a job in September, which is impressive considering the cuts other districts have made recently.


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